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Miscellaneous Surety Bonds


Paid Solicitor Surity Bond

Effective August 10, 2016, paid solicitors will be required by the state of Colorado to carry a $15,000 surety bond. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that solicitors do not misrepresent the charity or commit charitable fraud.

Airlines Reporting Corporation Bond
The Airlines Reporting Corporation Bond is required by the Airline Reporting Commission to guarantee payment collected by a travel agency will be forwarded to the appropriate airline.


Farm Labor Contractor Bond
The Farm Labor Contractor Bond guarantees that the contractor will follow all applicable laws and regulations ensuring that migratory agricultural workers are protected from harmful work situations and exploitation.


Food Plan Operator Bond
Food Plan Operator Bonds ensure that the principal complies with the State licensing requirements.


Home Food Service Plan Bond
The Home Food Service Plan Bond provides the buyer protection from unethical and fraudulent sales tactics.


Manufactured Housing Home Sale Deposit Bond
The Manufactured Housing Home Sale Deposit Bond guarantees that the Principal shall faithfully and honestly perform all their obligations in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations governing manufactured homes and buildings.


Repossessor Bond
The Repossessor Bond protects against property damage or conversion of such collateral.


STAMP Bond (Securities Transfer)
The STAMP Surety Bond assures a financial institution that its guarantees will be immediately accepted for processing by Transfer Agents.

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