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Types of Surety Bonds

We offer a variety of Surety Bonds in Colorado. Here are some of the bonds we offer:
License & Permit Bonds


License and Permit Bonds are required to obtain a license or permit in many cities, counties, states or other political subdivisions. License & Permit Bonds may be required for a number of reasons such as the payment of certain taxes and fees or providing consumer protection as a condition to granting licenses related to selling things or contracting services. 



Contract Bonds


Contract bonds are needed to perform work or services outlined in a contract, usually for construction projects. Types of contract bonds include bid bonds, maintenance bonds, performance and payment bonds, and supply bonds.




Court Bonds


Court bonds are required by the court and their purpose is to ensure that the principal will fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by law or the court. 


Click here to see the court bonds that we can place.



Paid Solicitor Bonds

The Paid Solicitor Bond ensures that a solicitor will not misrepresent the charity or commit charitable fraud. This would include: misrepresenting the organizations membership and/or leading donors to believe that donating to a charity will earn the donor favorable treatment from law enforcement or government agencies. Paid solicitors in Colorado are required to carry a minimum $15,000 bond.


Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity bonds protect you or your clients from loss due to dishonest or fraudulent actions performed by employees such as theft, embezzlement, or forgery. 



Public Official Bonds


Public Official Bonds guarantee that a public official, who is in a position of trust, will faithfully perform their duties and will honestly handle the accounting of all public funds.



Federal Bonds


Some Bonds are required by the federal government rather than state or local government. Some of the federal bonds that we can place include:




Miscellaneous Bonds

We also offer a variety of miscellaneous surety bonds including Airlines Reporting Corporation Bonds, Farm Labor Contractor Bonds, Food Plan Operator Bonds, Home Food Service Plan Bonds, Manufactured Housing Home Sale Deposit Bonds, Repossessor Bonds, and STAMP Bonds (Securities Transfer).


Click here to see all the miscellaneous bonds that we can place.

Lost Instrument Bonds

The Lost Instrument Bond is used to replace an original lost instrument such as a lost promissory note. This bond guarantees that if the original lost document is found, it will be returned to the surety company or obligee for proper disposal and that the issuer of the replacement security will not suffer an economic loss.

Probate Bonds

Probate Bonds are required by statutes, courts, or legal documents for the protection of those on whose behalf a fiduciary acts. They are needed under a variety of circumstances, including the administration of an estate and the management of affairs of a trust or a ward. 




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