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Certificate of Title Bond

An excited Lincoln Lewis has just turned 16 and purchased his first car off of Craig’s List. Lincoln rushes down to the DMV to get his new car titled and plated only to find out that he is missing the title to his new vehicle. Lincoln realizes that he never had the old owner sign the title over. Lincoln tries to contact the gentleman that he purchased the car from but the Craig’s List add has been taken down and the old owner is nowhere to be found. Lincoln goes back to the DMV where he is told that he will have to go get a certificate of title bond in order to continue the titling process. A certificate of title bond allows a vehicle owner to claim ownership and register a vehicle with the state when a title has been lost, stolen or is missing. Lincoln contacts Reeder Insurance Agency who quickly helps him to obtain his certificate of title bond and within days Lincoln is happily driving his new car that is now properly registered and plated.

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